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KBAI 笔记 08 Learning by recording cases

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Learning by recording cases is:

  • First stop of analogical reasoning
  • First stop of learning

Exercise: Block World I


Learning by Recording Cases

example of learning by recording cases

  • tie Shoe lace: New shoe laces -> retrieve memory about tieing shoe laces before -> apply the solution from memory.
  • Programming:
  • medical diagnosis:

Case Retrieval by Nearest Neighbor

Nearest Neighbor

Calculate distance from objects, the object with the smallest distance to the problem, is the solution.

Exercise: Retrieval by Nearest

Exercise: Recording Cases in Real Life

  • the new problem is to find the route from Q to the arrow pointed destination.
  • D is the correct answer since it starts close to Q and ends close to the arrow

Nearest Neighbor for Complex Problems

expanding the eucidian function

When there are K dimensions of elements, the formula needs to be generalized. Limitation of the method:

  1. in real life, N can be really large
  2. the nearest method might be the great solution.

Assignment 6



related cognition

Memory supports to the answer. emphasize the importance in

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